How to care for your hat

When you receive your hat it will be carefully packaged with tissue paper. Keep your hat in the box when you are not wearing it, and repack it as it came to you. Keeping it in a box helps it be free of insect damage and dust.

If you are planning on traveling with your hat and it is oversized, contact the airlines to find the best way to transport your delicate hat. They are used to these questions especially during derby season.  I would not suggest storing it with your luggage. Have you seen how they handle luggage? Enough said.

Never wear your hat in the rain as this will cause the stiffening to come out and possibly need to be reblocked.  There are plastic rain shields available if the weather is expected to be rainy.

How to wear your hat

If you are wearing a fascinator it will have a comb facing forward and an elastic to help keep it on your head. Generally it is best to wear your hat at a slight angle as it is more flattering.

With the fascinator facing forward, slip your head through the elastic loop so that the hat is sitting on your chest.  Take some of your front hair and part it out. Style the rest of your hair as you wish.  Bring the fascinator up and slide the comb  into your hair. Take the hair you separated out and tuck it into your style making sure to cover the elastic as much as possible.

Return Policy

I do not accept returns or exchanges. If you have any problems such as unexpected breakage during shipping please call me to resolve the situation.  I want you to feel happy and beautiful in your hat.